“America”, a song from a Dual Nationality Story (inspired by West Side Story)

[My American Ego]
My heart’s devotion
Let it sink back in the Seine
Always the rain falling
Always the Parisians grumbling
And the rents increasing
And the subway stinking
And the pigeons growing
I like United States of America
Smoke on your pipe
And put that in…

I like to be in Obama’s America
Okay by me in Obama’s America
Everything free in America

[My French Ego]
For a small fee you’ll buy a gun in America

[My American Ego]
Eating peanut butter M&M’s is so nice

[My French Ego]
One more and you’ll fatten twice

[My American Ego]
People are so hospitable

[My French Ego]
But how many real friend have you got here?

[My American Ego]
The President wears straight ties in America
He sings on TV shows in America
Martin Luther King, Harvey Milk and Bill Gates are heroes in America

[My French Ego]
The Tea Party and Sarah Palin amass votes in America

[My American Ego]
Lots of majestic buildings reaching the sky

[My French Ego]
You are scared of heights on the Eiffel Tower!

[My American Ego]
I’ll get the job I’ve always dreamt

[My French Ego]
Better get rid of your stupid French accent

[My American Ego]
Life can be so cool in Obama’s America

[My French Ego]
If you can pay in America

[My American Ego]
Life is all right in Obama’s America

[My French Ego]
If you have a healthcare cover in America

[My American Ego]
I must be proud to be American

[My French Ego]
Until you note country is the most popular music in America

[My American Ego]
Free to be the girl that I want

[My French Ego]
Free to be married with three children, a dog and a station wagon at 25

Tasteless cheese in America
The survival of the fittest in America
Texas is in America

[My American Ego]
You forget I’m in America

[My French Ego]
I think I’ll go back to Paris

[My American Ego]
I know what flight you can get on

[My French Ego]
Everyone there will give big cheers

[My American Ego]
Everyone there dream of moving here
Cam' dans un film


Un texte inspiré de…

West Side Story, Robert Wise et Jerome Robbins WEST SIDE STORY – 1962

Genre : comédie musicale, drame
Réalisateur : Robert Wise, Jerome Robbins
Scénaristes : Jerome Robbins, Ernest Lehman d’après le Roméo et Juliette de William Shakespeare
Avec : Natalie Wood, Richard Beymer, George Chakiris, Rita Moreno…
Bande originale : Leonard Bernstein

Pour en savoir plus :
Voir la vidéo de la chanson « America » qui a inspiré ce texte
– La bande-annonce de West Side Story
– « Tonight », l’une des plus belles chansons d’amour en vidéo
– Ma chanson préférée de West Side Story
– La fiche technique complète du film sur Allociné
– Ecouter la bande originale culte de West Side Story sur Spotify

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